Who says you can’t make a lot of money AND love what you do?  Do you know people who feel like they had to choose between one or the other?  Are you in a career right now where you feel like you have to choose one or the other?

At Fitness Solution 24/7, you are more than an employee, you are a change agent.  You are the primary inspiration for our members as they work to reach their goals.  You are also the key to your own success.   We pride ourselves in developing teams of leaders and motivators that go out and change the world!  We have something for everyone:

Marketing & Sales Specialist:  If you love the freedom of making your own schedule and the excitement of a fast-paced day, becoming a Marketing & Sales Specialist will suit you best.  You will learn 80 different types of marketing and sales techniques proven over 30+ years that empower a prospective member to want to enroll.  With systems like these your income will be $24-50k a year.

Personal Metabolism Retrainer (PMRT):   Those that believe in fitness inside and out, look no further.  As a PMRT you work with clients individually and design a program especially for them and their goals.  You are the one the gets them moving, losing and eventually addicted to fitness. While you are helping your clients reach their goals you will be reaching yours, making $15-70 per hour.

Manager:  This individual is leadership oriented, strives to help the team hit their goals and thrives in a fast-paced, high-energy environment.  You’ll be the leader of your team, making sure everyone follows the systems to accomplish business and personal goals.  As a leader helping your whole team reach their goals, your income will be $24-60K a year.

Be A Difference Maker!
Earn High Income and Achieve Your Dreams!

If you have a passion to help others achieve more than they could on their own, a drive to take yourself to new levels financially and personally, and you want to be a part of our family, send your resume to

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